About Jsx

Hey, I’m Jsx. I’m generally nice. I trust people first, until they give a reason to not to. And I don’t hate anyone.

I don’t talk much, and pretty much keeps to myself. So people often thinks I’m standoffish or arrogant. Well, I might be, a lil bit ๐Ÿ˜›

I attended an engineering college and learned a lil bit of what they said was computer science.

Well, thats me in short. If u need more info on me (!!!!!!), brace yourself and keep reading downwards, because a load of horse dung is coming your way.


I work with the web, making and breaking it. Among other stuff, I did programming as a hobby and now I do it as my profession. So I like my work. I’ve been employed since 2010 when I got out from college.


What I really wanted (want) to do with my life was to learn biology and be a researcher. Or be primary school teacher or a lawyer or an ornithologist or Batman or summin lyk that. I haven’t given up on any of those dreams. Probably after 10-15 years, I’ll be living in a small house in the middle of nowhere with my family and I would’ve quit professional programming by then and would be farming – doing agriculture, I mean. Well, the population is getting bigger n bigger and lines of codes can’t be eaten.


I’m on Twitter and occasionally shoots a couple of dumb jokes that way. You can follow me or whatever at twitter.com/clagarnach



Mail me at jsx at rebugged dot com or contact me using the form below.

PS: I’ve removed the contact form that was here because of the increased volume of spam. Please feel free to mail me at the above email id until I put back the contact form. I’m not that busy, so I’ll definitely reply (unless you are trying to sell viagra)

PS: I’ve another blog where I write even more meaningless bull crap.

(The archived version of my previous ‘about me’ page, if you want..)