Privacy Policy

Data collected without your express permission

  • This website uses third-party scripts from Google Analytics and Google AdSense. To find out how these third-party services handle visitor data, please see their respective privacy policies.
  • There might be also me some programs running on the server that keeps track of access logs and stuff. These came included with the hosting account I’m using and I don’t look at these really.
  • Disqus for comments are used, which might be tracking some user data (including the comments you make, obviously)

Data collected with your express permission

  • This website might utilize a contact form and any data you enter in it will be sent to me, through email.
  • This website might have a ‘subscribe’ feature to get notified about new articles. The subscription list is managed by Google’s Feedburner service.


  • Apart from the above mentioned third-party services (AdSense, Google Analytics, Subscription service etc), this website does not collect any data that I know of, if you find something else, let me know and I’ll either remove it or add it here.
  • Personally, I don’t really look at the Google Analytics data or the server logs and am not really interested in knowing more about the website visitors.
  • There is no other data sharing agreement between this website and third-party services.

Protecting your privacy

To protect your privacy from the services that collect user data without express user permission, please use something like AdBlock or Ghostery.