Old About Page (2010-2013)

PS: This is my older about page which was published from 2010 to 2013 March. Checkout the latest about page for updated info.


Hi, my name is Jsx. I’m just another guy obsessed with the internet and the stuff around it. My life was peaceful until I was 18. But then I got to use my first computer, and since then I have been bugged. I still am.

I spent my time chatting, surfing, watching movies, starting websites (ooh.. big guy!), researching on core survival topics such as ‘why people don’t like tomatoes’ or ‘how to identify a left handed person, by measuring the curvature of *** *****’  etc etc

Other than all these prime time goofiness, I’m interested in digital security, entrepreneurship, designing stuff etc..

And in case if you are wondering, I used to attend college whenever I was free. As of now, i’m waiting for my results and honestly I don’t think I will pass..

Please follow rebugged on Twitter (that blue sparrow thingy) or through feeds. It will be a great encouragement for me to continue writing posts and dumb jokes (once in a while)..

Also, do contact me if you have any suggestions or compliments (I get those all the time, :p ) or if you just want to say hi. I do reply to all the mails as soon as I can, you know I’m not that a busy person even if I try to pretend so.

Thanks for reading, btw.

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