How to redirect voice from your microphone to your speakers.. It’s cool


You ever wanted to sing on a mic?? I did, but I was (am!!) too reluctant to do so in a public stage. Aah, so in fact I never did it..Β  until..

So now we are going to redirect the voice from your microphone to your speakers. Sounds cool na? And no additional software is required.

  • Right click on the speaker icon in your system tray.
  • Select ‘playback devices’ >> ‘Speakers’
  • Choose ‘properties’ >> ‘Levels’
  • And then unmute the mic symbol (if there are two mic symbols, unmute ‘front mic’) and increase the volume

Now plug in your mic (or the mic jack of your headphone) and turn up the speaker volume….

… and rock the walls.

[ The configuration instructions are based on windows vista, hope it will be easy to find them in xp too, if you encounter any problem, let me know.. ]

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  • jumpjack

    Menu items you talk about do not exist at all in Windows XP tray icon! πŸ™
    (not in my system, at least).

  • Hi, thank you for commenting. U should see the sound manager icon (a small speaker icon in the system tray. Or find sound manager in ur control panel. if it’s ok, I will mail u the steps in windows xp to ur mail id. (saurabh[at]intellwiz[dot]com)

  • Alex


    Do u happen to know the opposite?
    Redirecting from speakers to microphone in Vista.
    In XP found something that’s N/A in Vista.


  • Avi

    The hardware test (in audio tab of the sound panel of Windows XP) is successful – its able to record and playback but I am not able to redirect the microphone to the speakers ! Any suggestions plz help.
    Thanks in advance.

  • ali0sha

    Heya, here’s how to do this on XP:

    Right-click the speaker icon in system tray -> ‘Open Volume Control’
    In the volume window, select ‘Options’ -> ‘Properties’

    In the box with many check boxes, tick ‘Rear Pink In’ or ‘Front Pink In’, depending on where you’ve plugged in your sound input. Close the properties window.

    In the volume window, unmute the Pink In channel, and increase the volume.

    Job’s a good’un.

  • alamin

    Thanx bro

  • Wow that’s cool. I never knew that :-).