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How to redirect voice from your microphone to your speakers.. It’s cool


You ever wanted to sing on a mic?? I did, but I was (am!!) too reluctant to do so in a public stage. Aah, so in fact I never did it..  until..

So now we are going to redirect the voice from your microphone to your speakers. Sounds cool na? And no additional software is required.

  • Right click on the speaker icon in your system tray.
  • Select ‘playback devices’ >> ‘Speakers’
  • Choose ‘properties’ >> ‘Levels’
  • And then unmute the mic symbol (if there are two mic symbols, unmute ‘front mic’) and increase the volume

Now plug in your mic (or the mic jack of your headphone) and turn up the speaker volume….

… and rock the walls.

[ The configuration instructions are based on windows vista, hope it will be easy to find them in xp too, if you encounter any problem, let me know.. ]

Two unknown Gmail tricks.

Gmail LogoWe all agree that Gmail is the coolest mail service out here. I recently read from the Official Gmail Blog two more cool features of Gmail. To be honest, I never knew about those before.

  1. Suppose your gmail id is [email protected], then you can aswell receive mails addressed to [email protected], or or so. This is because the Gmail system just ignores any periods(.) in between your userid.
  2. And here is another nice one. Again suppose your gmail id is [email protected]. Suppose you are using this id for some official use such as ‘customer feedback’or somehing. So now you can append any other word after your gmail id after a ‘+’ sign. So you can use the mail id ‘[email protected]‘ or ‘[email protected]‘ or so. And if you want to forward to forward your mails addressed to ‘[email protected]‘ to another email id, if you need. You can configure this in the gmail settings > filters >

Is n’t it cool, checkout now.