Customize registration emails from your wordpress blog

I Love WordPressHey, since my first installation of wordpress, I love this publishing platform very much. But there was something that didn’t make me very happy, that was the confirmation email. When a new user registers in a wordpress based blog, a confirmation email is sent to him. But the email says that it is from ‘[email protected]‘ and the sender name was ‘WordPress’. I wanted to change it to something like ‘[email protected]‘ or ‘[email protected]‘. I searched for an option to customize this in the dashboard. When I had no luck, I tried to find the corresponding code in the source code. Still I had no luck. I searched almost the entire web, Yahoo! Answers and everything, no clue.But finally today when I was just searching through the WordPress Plugin Directory, I saw something there, sure a plugin, just for changing the from address and sender name of the registration email.

Download the plugin

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