Download images from copy protected sites – The coolest way!

It was Indian independence day and all of my classmates (including me) decided to change our orkut profile pictures to the indian tricolor (flag). But some were reluctant since they just liked their profile pictures and had no copy of it with them so that they could reinstate it once the independence day is over. They tried to save the pictures from their profile pages so that they could reuse them. But as a measure to avoid abuse, orkut makes it difficult to copy someones profile picture (including your own)…..

And there the problem lies, some websites donot allow us to copy or download any images from them. They employ genius programmers and spend money to implement complex scripts that make copying of their images difficult. But for every problem that seems to be complex, there is a solution that is too simple to accept… this applies here too.

All you need is a firefox browser. Open the web page in which your image of interest resides in firefox.

Now right click anywhere on the page and select ‘View Page Info’. view-page-info

Or you can view page information by clicking on the favicon of the web page and clicking ‘More Information’.


Or you can simply select ‘Page Info’ from the tools tab. Now the Page Info window will show up. On it select the tab ‘Media’. There you will see a list of all images present in that web page.Clicking on any item in the list will show a preview of the image right in the window. Near to the display area, there is a button ‘Save As’ and save the image in your computer. That’s all.

Please let me  know if you know any other trick.

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  • Satish Dave

    Thanks a lot , that was a great information you shared with every one . Thumbs up

  • Great infomation!!! How do you copy the image with the zoom feature the website uses? My wife owns an ebay store and Ebay doesn’t allow pictures unless they are 1600 pixels. This would save us so much time if we could use the images on the site for our ebay store.

  • Mary Fitzpatrick

    How do you do the same thing using an iPad?

  • Laser_Beam

    Cool tip, thank you. Just did this with Pale Moon.

  • aftab jamal

    Great tip! Not just to “steal” someone’s hard work but also to land you with some “copyright violations” trouble, lest you choose NOT to continue doing this “crack” and get yourself educated on WHY some images are protected as not-downloadable.

  • Jsx

    I’m guessing you’ve never watched a pirated movie, or downloaded a song, or used a wallpaper you found on the internet, or watched a YouTube video posted by someone other than the original copyright holder, or used an image from a google search, or used an adblocker, or used an unlicensed software or anything like that.. good for you..

    Aaand, that aside, if you actually did read the article, you could have seen that I was explaining how someone could save their own Orkut profile pictures; not how to steal someone else’s. But anyway, thanks for the pointers in morality and copyright laws 🙂

  • Steve Tan

    Try, it’s smart enough to crawl the pictures that you want to download.

  • Jason Steadman

    Oh get bent lmfao… Get yourself educated on how people buy up historic copies of books and maps just to gouge people on the internet 50 dollars for a one page print that is technically government issue for public use. Rather than sue for the right to download a copy of a map, I’ll do this. Thanks though.

  • M. Valentine

    Downloading protected photos is theft. Straight up theft. As an artist and photographer, this bit of instruction makes me so mad I can’t see straight. i hope that people who steal images, music, and movies have their homes broken into and all their stuff rifled through and valuables stolen. It’s the same damned thing as stealing images. It is is despicable and completely illegal.

  • Jsx

    If you read the article above, you can see that I’m not asking anyone to steal anything. While stealing other people’s work is wrong, I don’t agree that downloading copyrighted material without paying is equivalent to breaking into someone’s home and stealing their valuables.

  • Freeman4096

    so you’re trying to make a living walking around with camera lens?

  • KSB1972

    Another quick way I found elsewhere is using Firefox, simply Shift-Right Click on the image and it gives the option to “save image as…”

  • Jsx

    This is nice! Thanks for sharing.

  • curious

    this doesn’t work for asos or does it? I’ve tried the options here but still not able to download the images.

  • Hanks Jim

    no such thing as coolx or not about it