How to block websites without additional software


There is a simple way by which you can block any site from being accessible from your computer. There is a file called “hosts” located at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc. Now open that file in Notepad. This file is used to map domain names with IP addresses, locally within your computer. So whenever you type a domain name (say in your browser, the browsr first checks if the domain entry is in this “hosts” file. If not present (in most cases), the browser will lookup external servers.

Now the trick, if you want to block, assign the domain name to the ip ( is the address of your own computer, commonly known as ‘localhost’) or assign it to any other value such as 127.0.x.x.

Now every time you enters, it goes to, ie your own computer. So virtually you have blocked it.

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