How to find what language it is written in..

Update: This post is a bit old. For one thing, Google Translate now automatically detects language. Also better technologies for the same might have come up since I published this first.

I recently got a scrap in my orkut profile. It looked like total rubbish coz the language it was written in was totally unknown to me.

Google’s Translation service is very good and I thought of decrypting the scrap through Google Translate. Once I reached Google Translate,  I pasted the entire scrap in the box provided there… Then there was another problem.. I couldn’t specify the source language (ie, from which language to english) Aah.. then I got an idea(!!). I just pasted the whole scrap message in Google Search and searched it. Then I examined the URL’s in the search results. Amazingle, most of the search results came from sites with cc TLD (Country Code Top Leve Domain, like .in, .us etc) .br. That means thar most of the search reults are from Brazilian sites..

Yay!! So the language I got the scrap was the ‘Brazilian language’
. So which is the language of brasil, the easiest way to find such facts is google, as always. I just searched ‘language of brazil is‘ in google and it was written in the topm of the results page that ‘Portuguese’.

Now this were easy. I went to google translate and gave the source language as portuguese and destination language as english. Then Google translated it for me.  Cool na?? 🙂