Manage multiple email ids from your Gmail id.

Gmail LogoMost of us keep more than one email id. We may be keeping one for personal communication, one for business communication etc. But it is really difficult to keep up with multiple email ids. You have to check all these ids for any incoming message or to send any mail from those.

But now with gmail, you can completely manage your other email ids with a single id. For the case of incoming messages, you can set to forward all the  messages coming to that id to your gmail id.(ie, if you configure to forward your emails, you can read emails sent to [email protected] from [email protected]). So the problem of incoming mail is saved for now. You can find the mail forwarding option in gmail >> settings >>forwarding >>

And if you want to send a mail from another account, that is also possible with gmail. In Gmail >> Settings >> Accounts >> , you can configure other email ids. Gmail will send a confirmation message and once you confirm the ownership of the other email id, you can start sending emails from those ids from your accounts.That is., if you set [email protected] to be your additional email id, then after confirmation you can send emails ‘from [email protected]’, right from the gmail id- [email protected]. Nice isn’t it?


  • Raj |

    There is still Google Apps. And for bloggers like us it wil be more easy if we could use [email protected] isnt it ? Take a look at You could not only use all the features of the mail with this, But also you wil get a customized page for logging into your account. take a look at And what if it takes only a couple of minutes to configure it ?

  • Usman |

    I have a dozen email accounts configured to send and receive mail from Gmail. Ultimately all my Gmail space is used up and I’m considering buying some more space from Gmail. I think it’s about $20 a year which is very cheap.