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Bing says no PORN to Indians (How to search porn in Bing)

Two days ago, Microsoft unraveled their new search engine, Bing. I tried it. It is super cool. If you hover mouse beside a result, a short summary of the target page is displayed in a sweet non obtrusive manner (ajax). The search homepage has a new background image every day. So it always looks new and fresh.

Besides web search, Bing also offers image search, map search etc.

I was checking the image search. (It is cool). I just wanted to see if Bing has got any nude pics of Jennifer Lopez, which was scarse (and I doubt their genuineness) in Google Image search.

Jennifer Lopez nude Bing

No porn for Indians, come back after puberty!!

krack. I was stunned by the reply from Bing.

It asked me to change the keyword to get results. What the heck else should I use as keyword other than JenniferLopez nude, if I wanna see Jennifer Lopez nude??

I looked everywhere in the preferences to trun off content filter. Oops.. Then I visited Bing’s US variant. (You can access the US page either using the country changer link in the top of the page or using this URL, or use any country code there, in, uk, de etc).

So the point is Microsoft doesn’t want Indians to see porn. Hail Saint Bill Gates, our saviour.