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Free hosting – should you choose? Which is the best?


The web is full of interesting stuff, the more interesting part is that most of them are free. Take the case of web servers. All my websites (spare my projects) lies in free web space. I doubt why would someone go after paid hosting when they can get as good or even better hosting.. for FREE.

Yeah, you must me careful in choosing the web hosting provider. Some free hosts sucks.  The main problem with many of the free hosts is uptime (server online time). Actually I liked the free hosting provided by Websites Network ( – dead now), but after a few days, I found myself searching for another one, their uptime is pathetic.

Then I used HostSnake , another good one, and it was new to the scene. Had many good features, but soon they started putting up large banners above and below my pages. Then I was totally desperate and was beginning to believe that all free hosts suck. It was then my friend told me to try, the signup process was a bit lengthier, but their service was great. The best thing is ofcourse the uptime, (but you have to signup in their forum!!). Now almost all my sites including this one runs on X10 servers. They are offering MySql databases,addon domains,subdomains and many other features.

So from my experience and experiments with free hosting for over two years, let me point the good ones for you.

x10logo – Adfree, PHP, MySQL, addon domains, subdomains, scripts installer, MX records etc… great uptime too.

Google Pages Logo – No PHP, No addon domains, Easy to use, online page creator, very fast loading, Great for novices. [ Google Pages is no more taking new sign ups, instead they have come up with another hosting service with more features, Google Sites ]

Office Live Logo -Superb hosting! Online page editing, addon domains, email ids, super fast loading etc. Great for novices,small businesses,startups etc. Lots of templates.

110mb hosting is also cool, but some features like addon domain, mysql databases etc are paid features. Worth checking out

These are the best services I have ever encountered. Choose x10hosting if you are really into PHP hosting and projects that require more freedom. Choose Google Pages if you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing your pages and want to get it all done so quick. It is as simple as Google itself. You can opt Microsoft Office Live if you need a Great website for your business, school or personal. More options to configure, but sure they are worth.

Have a lot of fun making a great website. Bye

Two unknown Gmail tricks.

Gmail LogoWe all agree that Gmail is the coolest mail service out here. I recently read from the Official Gmail Blog two more cool features of Gmail. To be honest, I never knew about those before.

  1. Suppose your gmail id is, then you can aswell receive mails addressed to, or or so. This is because the Gmail system just ignores any periods(.) in between your userid.
  2. And here is another nice one. Again suppose your gmail id is Suppose you are using this id for some official use such as ‘customer feedback’or somehing. So now you can append any other word after your gmail id after a ‘+’ sign. So you can use the mail id ‘‘ or ‘‘ or so. And if you want to forward to forward your mails addressed to ‘‘ to another email id, if you need. You can configure this in the gmail settings > filters >

Is n’t it cool, checkout now.

Welcome to Google Chrome

Google Chrome LogoAt last, after a long time of spectulations and gossips, Google has released a browser – The Google Chrome. A beta release now. This move from Google has been said as the first potential move against Microsoft from a well supported platform. Chrome is built with open source components from firefox,webkit etc…Google released the first public beta of  the browser yesterday (2nd September 2008). The beta is available for download at The chrome team reports some entirely new and amazing features of the chrome, that will make Chrome even better than Firefox, (atleast that’s what I thought when I read the cool features of chrome). All the features of chrome are described as a comic (38 pages!) available here. Better read it, it is so much explanatory and so easy to understand.Some of the features of Chrome

  • Speed is great, I couldn’t yet find out which is faster – firefox or chrome. Both have competing speed.[Great]
  • Web search. Web history. Address bar, all three in a single box.
  • A special mode for private browsing incognito mode. – [Good][we can browse ‘off history’ in firefox too]
  • See visual preview of your most visited sites, most used search engines, and recently bookmarked pages and closed tabs, every time you open a new tab!. – [Good]
  • Create application shortcuts can directly load your favorite online apps –[This feature can be added to Firefox, if you install the addon called ‘prism’. Download Prism]
  • Every tab you’re using is run independently(as separate processes) in the browser, so if one app crashes it won’t take anything else down. – [Great]
  • You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows, gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange your tabs however you wish – [Cool]
  • You will be warned when you are about to visit suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe websites.[Available in most other browsers]
  • Single Click bookmarking [Cool][Available in Firefox 3]
  • Efficient memory usage and great performance. Starts up lot faster than firefox.[Great][I great advantage over firefox]
  • A cool and great download manager [Good][Better than firefox]
  • An inbuilt task manager (keyboard shortcut: shift+esc) – [Great]

Google Chrome has been reported for several compatibility issues already. Read more on compatibility issues.